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System Features

Supply Chain Mapper is packed full of useful features

System Features: Often suppliers are asked to provide information about Supply Chains for customers – but what if the process could be made easy? What if the supply chain could see some other benefits to using a system and providing the data? Take a look at Supply Chain Mapper’s feature list and see how we can help make a positive difference for you and your suppliers.

Full supply chain mapping of all your suppliers

supply chain management software

Map selected parts of your supply chain or your entire supply chain, you choose. Your suppliers get to map for free – check out why.

Full supply chain mapping of all products

Map the supply chain for some or all of your products including compounded and processed products. Free product mapping for your suppliers.

Decide who you share data with

Digital sharing

You are in charge of who you share your data with, and you can change sharing settings at any time.

Collaborate with multiple customers

Share Customers

Provide your supply chain mapping data once, use it across multiple customers, share data directly with customers using other solutions and avoid paying for the ‘privilege’ of supplying data to your customers.

Manage your own Site and Product profiles

supplier mapping

Easy to update your own site and product profiles and once updated share with as many customers as you wish. 

Meet customer compliance data requirements

BRC Traceability through supply chain mapping

Provide supplier assurance and product level data (FIR compliant) direct to your customers. Input and share with multiple customers.

Manage your own certification and assurance status

Update your site certification and assurance status and submission of your customer specs will also be kept up to date. You decide which customers you want to share the data with.

Reporting & Analytics

supply chain mapping software

Extensive reports show the status of all outstanding requests and which customers you are sharing data with. 

Login to supply chain mapping
Supply chain mapping dashboard
Supply chain mapping connection with suppliers graphics view
Your supplier profile page
Know your product details
Product sourced details

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